lundi 22 février 2010



The Heritage parliamentary member Zaruhi Postanjyan who was excluded from the Armenian delegation to PACE and who left for Strasburg at the expenses of PACE, dwelt on several details of her trip.

She told that the other members of the delegation were received in Paris by the representatives of the Armenian embassy, while she was received by the members of the Council of Western Armenia, in fact the embassy of Western Armenia.

She left from Paris for Strasburg, where the members of the Armenian delegation stayed in different hotels. She had to be content of the room for journalists because in the room of the Armenian delegation, there was no place for her.

Postanjyan also noted that she was not let know about the discussions in the PACE Committee on Ethics and institutionalization of the adoption of the mandate of the Armenian delegation, and she was unable to attend the discussions and present her arguments. She believes that this question was resolved on a private level, and she intends to appeal, as well as the election to the Monitoring Committee, the member of the ARF Armen Rustamyan.

16:31:11 - 03/02/2010

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